Oscar Cuadros.

Wellcome to my peruvian andean view.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Walking on the street

Technique: Watercolor
Size: 16 x 12 1/4 Inches
Status: SOLD

A typical scene in a typical Peruvian quiet street, it's the middle of the morning the sun is up and she is coming back from the market, may be she will go first to the little church that we can see in the back of the town, they are a very religious people, and usually the pray for a good day and the security for their family.


  1. Hola Oscar, te he seguido desde un blog amigo y mer alegra mucho haberlo hecho!

    Desde luego, que cumples tu objetivo de mostrarnos la belleza de Perú a través de tus lindas acuarelas!

    Muy hermosa escena y muy bien tratada la luz y los trazos.

    Me gusta mucho todo lo que veo en tu blog, así que te sigo.

    Si quieres venir a mi espacio, serás bienvenido:http://espirituavalon.blogspot.com/

    Un abrazo

  2. That's a joy. You can be confident that at least your guests will be going home right.

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  4. beautiful work from one artist to another.
    love the passion I see in the brushes strokes. Color is fantastic, adds to the passion you put into your landscapes!!!

  5. Realy good work!..
    I would like you to have a look at my blog site.Regards...

  6. Hola Oscar, I came from Fine Art America to check your blog and I love your watercolor above. Excellent work. Thanks for sharing.

  7. wow! this scene looks so similar to mornings in most small / remote villages in hilly regions of India / South Asia (okay... may be except the church). it's other side of the earth but strikingly similar houses here. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Very wonderful painting and very nice walking to this Peruvian quiet street !!!
    Have a nice and creative week !!!

  9. Masterfully painted! Love this! Keep up the good work.